Ice Cream.

May 29, 2009

We convinced my mom to let us have some ice cream tonight. Initially, joy ensued.

Since I was holding my baby, I asked my sister to get me some ice cream while she was getting hers. She decided instead to play with the baby while he was sitting on my lap, but was not interested in holding him so I could get ice cream for us. I did not get any ice cream.

Later, she went to get ice cream for herself. I asked for some, still holding my baby (he never lets me put him down when he’s awake) and she said, “No.”

I asked again about half an hour later. She asked me what flavor I would like. I asked what flavors we had. She muttered something and returned to the computer. I did not find out what flavors we had.

Another half hour or so later, I asked about available flavors again. She rattled a few off, none of which I enjoy, and ended with “Udderly Chocolate.” I’m a big fan of Udderly Chocolate, so I asked for some. She brought me a cup of Mudslide, which I find too chocolatey. I said, “This is not Udderly Chocolate.” She said, “Oops. I thought something was wrong when I was scooping it, because I was thinking that you don’t like Mudslide.” I said, “Yes. So may I have some Udderly Chocolate?” She replied, “We don’t have any.” She then grumpily requested my help with math.

I am devastated, I feel rather used, and I still don’t have any ice cream. Also, I have some major mosquito bites. This evening sucks.




May 21, 2009

I thought – and Google is backing me up on this – that Muppetville was that fun little place where the Muppets lived. Turns out it’s some little town in the UK that I can find absolutely no information on, but in exchange for money I need to write ten different articles about renting generators and each article must contain the keyword phrase “generator hire Muppetville,” among others. Can you use that phrase in a sentence that makes sense, without copping out and writing about how you can put it in a search engine? Let me know if you can, because I need to write these articles and I’ve used my “PUT IT IN A SEARCH ENGINE, LOL” quota.

Four and a half articles complete, five-point-five to go. Awesome.


Mommy Day.

May 11, 2009

I hope you all hugged your mothers, or wives if you’re male and have a wife with children, and told them you love them! If you didn’t, and they’re upset with you and you can’t figure out why, it’s probably because you forgot about Mother’s Day. You horrible person.

I hugged my mom, because I’m a good daughter like that. I also gave her a box of chocolate (but that’s on the down-low so she doesn’t have to share; don’t tell my dad…) Kael did not give me any chocolate, except for the kind he makes himself. It didn’t smell really great, so I decided to just change his diaper and throw it away and give him a kiss on his soft little head. He’s a warm, snuggly little sweetheart, chocolate or no.

We went on a brunch cruise on the Willamette Star with my grandparents. Maybe “brunch” is an inappropriate noun to be applied to the supposedly edible things on board; “yuck” might be more suited. Kael behaved perfectly and got to steer the ship (touch the steering wheel while the captain moved it around) and got a certificate naming him “Captain Kael” to prove it. It’s cute.

I am now returning to graphics-making for Wilsonville Honda. THE END



May 5, 2009

I got a job as a freelance writer, beginning May 18th. I’ll be in training for a few weeks, then I’ll move to full work and pay. It will be awesome and of great assistance in my quest to pay off bills and get a car. It will also look great on my resume and will give me lots of experience prior to returning to Willamette in the fall. I will be the best and most efficient essay writer ever.

On a related note, I’m currently offering editing services via the internet and PayPal. It’s cheap. You should hire me. c:

Seriously, though:
Give me money and things to edit, because I’m worth it.