Outright Sexiness.

April 12, 2009

So I turned in my DS Lite and got a pretty new black Nintendo DSi. Then I put a skin on it which I ordered from the internet. The result: Outright sexiness. I also dyed my hair black, though that was unrelated to the purchasing of the DSi. Here is a picture of all three: the DSi, the skin, and my awesome hair:


The picture was taken with one of the DSi’s two cameras. It has a camera on the outside and another on the inside below the top screen. The camera quality is relatively decent, comparable to the iPhone. Also like the iPhone, the DSi has a web browser. It’s slow and requires an unlocked wireless network, but it is a browser, and it’s convenient to use thanks to the touchscreen. The DSi also has a sound recorder and editor and downloadable content. It’s thinner and has a larger screen than its predecessor. My only complaints when compared to the Nintendo DS Lite are the power and volume buttons. The power button is somewhat inconveniently placed, and I prefer the wheel sound control rather than buttons. Overall, though, a nice upgrade and I feel sort of awesome for owning it.

Unrelated: I’ve been noticing a lot of this lately, so I’m going to say something. APOSTROPHES DO NOT GO ON PLURAL NOUNS.

That will be all.



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