April 7, 2009

I now have a job at ChaCha and it’s pretty fun. ChaCha is a free service which lets people with mobile devices (or lazy people with computers) find answers to just about anything from anywhere with cellphone coverage. Text any question at all to 242242 and let people like yours truly look it up for you and text back a reply. You get free answers, we get money per question, and everybody is happy. c:

ChaCha is really convenient because I can log in as much or as little as I want, any time I want. I’m not forced to answer any question I don’t want to. The only thing is that I make about $3-4 an hour, working quickly (on average, I figure I get about 12 cents a question – it varies by the category of that question.) So not exactly Baby’s-medical-bills money, but nice supplemental income for a regular job. It’s also highly entertaining and I know all sorts of strange trivia now.

Question of the day: “How do you say ‘you are a fat hippo’ in Spanish?”

Answer: “You are a fat hippo” in Spanish is: “Tú eres un hipopótamo gordo.” Gracias por utilizar ChaCha! (Thank you for using ChaCha!)

In other news, I had some really bizarre dreams last night during the scant hours I actually managed to sleep and I am exhausted and going to bed now.

I get a haircut tomorrow!



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