Concerning Pie.

February 15, 2009

From least to most delicious.

Least delicious: Pumpkin pie. I’m sorry, fans of pumpkin pie. It smells wonderful, but after the first bite it tastes plain strange and makes me naseous. I’ve tried a number of pumpkin pies, and they all have the same effect. Ick.

Any kind of berry pie. I love berries by themselves, but in pies they’re always too tart.

Pecan pie. I hate pecans, but the caramelly stuff surrounding them is great. On a similar note, peanut brittle without the peanuts would be awesome.

Apple pie. We have now crossed the line from pies I don’t like to pies I do.

Lemon meringue pie. The lemon part is some of the best stuff ever. I’m not overly fond of the meringue, though.

Dutch apple crumb pie. The buttery, sugary, cinnamon-y crumbs make this pie exponentially more delicious than its crumbless counterpart.

Coconut cream pie. It’s mild and sweet and loaded with whipped cream and little crunchy bits of coconut. Nom nom nom.

Most delicious: Chocolate cream pie. Rich, dark, cold chocolate balanced with cool, sweet whipped cream. And if it has an oreo crust, well, that’s just tangible perfection.

(No, there’s absolutely nothing interesting going on in my life to write about, so yes, I have resorted to ranking pies.)



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