December 25, 2008

Yesterday at 8:02 AM, I magically transformed into an adult and it was super fun and exciting. Or would have been, I’m sure, if I hadn’t slept in ’til 11:15. Anyway, at 8:01, I was only a silly child. Then the minute hand twitched, and a wave of maturity washed over my unconscious, possibly drooling form. With my newfound, instantaneous understanding of the world, I suddenly became fit to vote, be put in prison, go to war, and do all sorts of other awesome adult-ish things other than drinking beer. (Seriously, how does that work? I can legally kill people on behalf of America, but I can’t have a drink to celebrate afterwards. I guess I won’t be mature enough to understand that one for another three years.)

You can tell I'm grown-up now because I have a mustache.Behold, the transformation from irresponsible child to completely mature and super serious adult!

I celebrated this momentous event by doing… well, not very much, actually. I slept in, as previously stated, and then got up and ate a waffle and started my laundry. My grandparents came over around 1:30 so my parents could do some last-minute shopping. I entertained them with some of my favorite YouTube clips that grandparents would appreciate, such as:

Dolphins Playing with Bubble Rings
Ninja Cat
Human Tetris
Cat on a Roomba

Also, I recently discovered a show called Wipeout! which is basically the American version of Ninja Warrior. Highly entertaining. It would be loads of fun to commentate for that.

We had a delicious dinner of wonton soup courtesy of my fantastic mom, and then got down to cake and presents. My cake was extremely pretty and I sort of felt bad to cut it up and eat it. But not that bad, because after all, it was chocolate.


And now, on to the loot!

My brother gave me two pairs of fluffy socks to wear around the house. From my sister and her bunny, who apparently think I smell, I got some body sprays and lotions. My grandparents very generously replenished my supply of Chanel mascara, and included a gift certificate to Nordstroms. From my parents, I got some… nursing tops… which totally weren’t embarrassing to open in front of my 10-year-old brother. Also, a haircut at some later date from our expensive but amazing favorite hair-cutting lady, and a wireless mouse for my recently repaired laptop. I would have gotten presents from my great-aunt as well, but the box of gifts she shipped over seems to have disappeared. We’ll have to go looking for those sometime.

Overall: A+ birthday, would celebrate again.



One Response to “MAH BIRF-DAE”

  1. They should make Human Tetris into a real video game — NES original

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