The Animals I Encountered Today

December 23, 2008

Mom’s German Shepherd, Tagg

He’s such a ridiculously beautiful dog. He also likes romping in the middle of snow forts, which unfortunately makes them quite flat.


A Female Finch

I think she was a finch, anyway, because she looked a lot like a picture of a finch on the internet.

My siblings and I were watching a high-quality, thought-provoking program on television (Spongebob) when I heard something crash into the window. I went to investigate, and found a dazed finch lying in the snow and twitching a bit. I scooped it up and brought it inside to dry off and hopefully recover. She was sitting comfortably and calmly in my lap and looking much more alert when my chubby little brother decided it would be a swell idea to stampede past my chair and yell. The finch took off and immediately flew out of reach in a futile attempt to escape through our extremely high windows. Around 45 minutes later, after clambering all over stacked furniture in a rather unsafe manner and accidentally tearing a curtain, we managed to re-capture her and release her outside. We then returned to our television-watching activities, secure in the knowledge that we’d helped a small feathered friend in need.


My Sister’s Bunny, Muffin

The following is a short excerpt of the result of allowing my sister’s bunny to type.

],=68.7 nnnnng10:03 AM 12/22/2008/o lm5=ik88,6esssH=Ns\4]\VC1C
51441 bUXAZYaaaIOPU [Vy1yt9v?”))^”?Tf7g

She isn’t very literate yet, but she does her best.

Fun fact: To litterbox-trained bunnies, stacks of holiday cards waiting to be sent out apparently closely resemble litterboxes. (Source: The massive yellow puddle I had to clean up. The bunny will no longer be allowed to type.)




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